It’s important to have stated Core Values.  It’s then doubly important to integrate them into hiring, reviews and daily practice.  Otherwise they’re just wall decorations!  One of our Core Values is “We have fun.” (We Care, We Have Fun, We Get Things Done)  I wanted to take a few minutes today to describe the two main ways this value plays a critical part in our team.

The first way that fun weaves itself through our day is the absolute joy of doing work that you love.  Far from cliche, this really is important.  When work is fun, you’re not “working” are you!

Are you in the right role for you? If so, there’s a magic that happens to the clock.  It goes by really fast.  It’s not to say you’re not tired by the end of the day.  I spent the other day on a whirlwind of phone calls with current clients and prospective ones.  Midway through one call I realized I was really thirsty, muted the phone on a natural pause, and guzzled some water.  Refreshed, I un-muted and carried on with my excited description of our implementation process.

By the end of that day I was pooped.  But I was also completely fulfilled, happy, and ready to get home to my crazy cool family. Doing what you love, not surprisingly, makes your results better!

The second way we experience fun at work is when we’re all in the above state that I just described.  There is something truly amazing about working with a whole group of people who are passionate and on top of their game.

Like a winning sports team or acting troupe pulling off a world class performance, it’s incredibly rewarding to be tackling the ups and downs with people who you can trust and who will challenge you to your best.

The third way seems almost icing on the cake at this point, and it’s the way you’ve probably been expecting.  Let’s party! Let’s adventure!  Let’s laugh and play!

It’s important to take time from your passion to have a good time with your team.  Those same people who backed you up with the client emergency and proofed HTML after dinner time are also good company for an adventure.  Getting out of work mode and chatting about the other things we care about (another core value!) is rejuvenating and brings teams closer.


So whether you’re a biochemist or a lead to revenue strategist, life is too short to not love your work and the people you spend most of your awake hours with!  If you’ve found yours comment below and share how it feels!