I’m not sure of when I started referring to my company as an “un-agency”, but it was likely around the time that I decided that we needed to emphasize the fact that we’re more than a ‘one man shop.’ It’s more than wanting to be unique. I want the whole experience to be different than what I’ve seen, heard, read, and lived. It doesn’t seem to have been figured out either, otherwise I would have bought a book instead of creating a blog.

These posts are expressions of lessons learned along the way. If you’re a client (or future one) you’ll find a transparent look into how the captain of the ship thinks. If you’re a fellow captain, I hope you’ll find encouragement and a takeaway or two.


October 2013

In Search of the Un-Agency

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Welcome to the start of my journey in creating the ultimate agency.  The discovery has actually been a lifelong process, but this is the start of my documentation of it. Confucius has an awesome quote [...]