Just shy of two months into a new year I can already report amazing personal and organization growth.  The most important discovery has been the book Traction and the system it contains.

A clear message to both prospective clients and future teammates: If you’re curious how our business runs, read Traction.

Attempting to summarize this mighty work in a blog post is the most daunting, humbling, writer’s block inducing challenge I can think of.  But for you, I will give it a go.

Traction is a book about taking a business to the next level by installing a system of goals, communication and accountability.  Where you want to go, who you are, how will you get there, who is doing what/by when, and so forth.  It even describes the tempo in which you should meet with your leadership team in order to ensure everyone is still tracking toward their Quarterly goals.

All of this is done to achieve traction in your business.  Traction provides forward movement, ensuring a team isn’t treading water.

You find traction in a business by setting goals, consistently making baby steps in the right direction and being accountable for your part on the team.

Many of the future posts on here will encircle this book and the lessons learned from it.