Deliberately Different

I had a great revelation recently after working through some team tension.  My first reaction was to furrow my brow and think dark thoughts.  Picture a Peanuts cartoon character with a black scribble mark above their head. Now I'm normally an extremely positive person so it had me wondering where I picked up this behavior. [...]

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How We Get Away With Not Micromanaging

I read a good article in Entrepreneur today that advocates against the evil “micromanagement cycle.” I hate micromanagement. Our un-agency hates micromanagement too, which makes it a heck of a lot easier for me to comfortably manage an awesome team of folks. There’s definitely no need to be micromanaging. In fact, if you’re finding yourself [...]

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Experiencing Core Values

There's an awesome change that comes from taking ownership of a team.  There's a weighty responsibility but also an incredible freedom to finally run things the way you've always thought they should be. The burden of responsibility forces me to take a closer look at how we serve clients, how we answer questions, and ultimately [...]

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DISCovering Your Team

I've always been a fan of personality tests that reveal something about you.  So when Karl Sakas mentioned the DISC test in the course of a conversation, my mind latched onto it and I took it later that night. Thinking back, I'm pretty sure I heard about it before, but Karl's mention of it was [...]

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Manager Tools

Vibe your inner Dorothy and Tin Man with me for a sec: Along the rosey, rocky road toward the Un-agency, there are often great influences that you encounter.  Like the Lion, or a helpful Scarecrow, your path would likely be a lot tougher without them. Meet Manager Tools, an award winning podcast from two awesome [...]

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