Deliberately Different

I had a great revelation recently after working through some team tension.  My first reaction was to furrow my brow and think dark thoughts.  Picture a Peanuts cartoon character with a black scribble mark above their head. Now I'm normally an extremely positive person so it had me wondering where I picked up this behavior. [...]

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How We Get Away With Not Micromanaging

I read a good article in Entrepreneur today that advocates against the evil “micromanagement cycle.” I hate micromanagement. Our un-agency hates micromanagement too, which makes it a heck of a lot easier for me to comfortably manage an awesome team of folks. There’s definitely no need to be micromanaging. In fact, if you’re finding yourself [...]

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Does Hiring Based on Attitude Trump Hiring Based on Skills?

Earlier this year, Fast Company put out an article listing 7 ways to keep employees happy. The idea is that by keeping employees happy you can keep turnover low, and output and customer satisfaction high. The article sites Marriott and Southwest as two companies that have found a good formula for keeping employees happy, and in [...]

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The Family Table

At a recent church service I attended, the theme was on the "Family Table."  Literally the ideal of eating together with your family on a regular basis, not always in front of the TV or on the go in between extracurricular activities.  There's a direct connection of this concept with our Un-Agency. When someone on [...]

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A Higher Purpose

During an owners group coaching event run by Jason Blumer, we were asked about the reason we started our business.  I love how certain questions challenge us and by thinking about them, push us to be more deliberate in what we're doing.  This one certainly does that. Being honest with myself, it's hard to remember [...]

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The Siamsa Team

There's a catchy song from decades ago, that when heard, always wills my feet to dance like I was 100% Irish.  It's a song called 'Siamsa' from the Lord of the Dance soundtrack.  A bunch of people doing Irish Step Dancing and Michael Flatley's $1MM insurance policy on his legs.  Coming back to you? While [...]

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Recharging Positivity

An important thing to note about positive thinking is that it needs regular recharging. Zig Ziglar made an awesome observation by comparing positivity to personal hygiene.  We take regular showers to stay clean and so naturally need to make a conscience effort to feed the engines of purposeful cheerfulness. How can we do this?  I've [...]

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Purposeful Cheerfulness

I've previously written about how a positive attitude is one of our core values.  In addition to describing the value itself, I emphasized the tacit importance of culture in growing our un-agency. When you say "think positive" a lot of different ideas may come to mind.  Everything from excessive happiness to a lack of pessimism.  [...]

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Honesty Over Flattery

Both external proposals and internal guidance state that we advise our clients "like family."  It's an awesome topic and something I feel very strongly about.  One of the central tenets of this concept revolves around when and how to dish out recommendations. When it comes to advising you, we will always favor honesty and accuracy [...]

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Experiencing Core Values

There's an awesome change that comes from taking ownership of a team.  There's a weighty responsibility but also an incredible freedom to finally run things the way you've always thought they should be. The burden of responsibility forces me to take a closer look at how we serve clients, how we answer questions, and ultimately [...]

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