I’m not sure of when I started referring to my company as an “un-agency”, but it was likely around the time that I decided that we needed to emphasize the fact that we’re more than a ‘one man shop.’ It’s more than wanting to be unique. I want the whole experience to be different than what I’ve seen, heard, read, and lived. It doesn’t seem to have been figured out either, otherwise I would have bought a book instead of creating a blog.

These posts are expressions of lessons learned along the way. If you’re a client (or future one) you’ll find a transparent look into how the captain of the ship thinks. If you’re a fellow captain, I hope you’ll find encouragement and a takeaway or two.


April 2016

What does FUN mean?

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It’s important to have stated Core Values.  It’s then doubly important to integrate them into hiring, reviews and daily practice.  Otherwise they’re just wall decorations!  One of our Core Values is “We have fun.” (We Care, [...]

February 2016

Owning Your Core Values

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I've written previously about Core Values.  You'll get the sense, if you haven't already, that creating a company with particular characters is very important to me.  It might very well be important to a lot [...]

April 2015

Rocks & Gravel

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I'd previously written about how this year has very much been about organization building.  Implementing Traction has been a core part of our 2015 transformation.  One of the key elements of Traction is setting quarterly [...]

February 2015

It’s Traction Time

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Just shy of two months into a new year I can already report amazing personal and organization growth.  The most important discovery has been the book Traction and the system it contains. A clear message [...]

August 2014

Deliberately Different

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I had a great revelation recently after working through some team tension.  My first reaction was to furrow my brow and think dark thoughts.  Picture a Peanuts cartoon character with a black scribble mark above [...]

July 2014

Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean

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My friend and I sat down one afternoon with lunch and coffees. After starting work at a marketing agency, my friend handed me the book Raving Fans. She told me it was required reading for all newly [...]