#SmartMarketer | 3 Creative Ways to Align with Sales

Welcome to part 1 of my 3 part  #SmartMarketer series! Over the next few weeks, we’re going to cover how you and your marketing team can get creative in executing a successful Marketing Automation instance. Today, let’s talk about some creative ways you can put Pardot to work to help you better align with your sales team. […]

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So you passed! Now what?

Let me start off this post with some great news – I passed my Pardot exam! If you’ve got yourself a shiny new “Pardot Certified Consultant” badge just like me, congratulations! You passed one of the more challenging Salesforce exams, and you definitely earned it. I came across a new development today in Pardot’s Partner program. If you haven’t already heard, becoming Pardot certified is now required in joining the Pardot Partners Program. You can learn more about that here. […]

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Salesforce Tay | Things to Know about Salesforce Certification

Hey guys!  My name is Taylor Grimes, Salesforce Extraordinaire, and I’m taking over Pardot Blogger Girl for the day to school you guys on the CRM side of things. Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about the Salesforce Certifications and things you can do to increase your odds of passing. There are so many ways to leverage marketing automation and it all stems from your System of Record.  If you are a Salesforce user, I’m talking to you friend!  Salesforce holds the key to your data and I’m here to de-mystify the relationship between Pardot & Salesforce to ensure a beautiful harmony.  The first step to unlocking the value of Salesforce is knowing the basics, and the basics are covered in your process towards a Salesforce certification…  A quick disclaimer before we get started: If you haven’t given the first rudimentary Salesforce certification a go, or you haven’t challenged yourself to get additional certifications to back up your position, this post is for you!  […]

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Email Management Part 2: The Importance of Implementing SPF & DNS

In Part 1 of this post, we talked about Spam Filters and how to avoid them. Now, let’s talk about the Technical specifics - the importance of implementing SPF and DomainKeys. We'll dip into warming up [...]

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